How to grow Critical Bilbo Feminized - Q&A

Here is the space to talk and ask questions about Critical Bilbo Feminized, if you want to purchase this product you can buy Critical Bilbo Feminized marijuana seeds here.

my first time with bilbo planted on 10/2 seems to be a strong strain


undate on the bilbo 30 days in hst has begun. They were topped on 11/2 and then snapped down 90°. Bounce back was quick branches have already started to stretch out nicely lights were dimmed to address mild browning on tips. Very happy so far


Looking good. Very interested in this strain.

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Update both have sadly died. I’ve got 2 more that were started on 10/22 that I will NOT be doing hst on to avoid losses. They were transplanted yesterday into 3gal smart pots. Although this strain grows tall I will not be topping but instead I will lst them to grow horizontally to maximize branch exposure. Pictures will be updated shortly.
Ok here are the newly transplanted bilbo photos.
I plan on vegging them until 1/1/21 and then flipping to flower with my gelatos

I got Bilbo Fems free from orders I placed.Anyone smoke this stuff yet? Opinions welcome or visit me / us on New seeds on the way - we are looking to TRADE

Update on my photo critical bilbos started on 10/22
Both have been topped, every branch as well and flipped to flower last week. They are doing great and now in my flower 5x5 with my gelatos, may do some slight lst at some point but other then that I’ll let them grow at will

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HGC gave away many of those Bilbo. I have not grown any but please let me / us know what the head is like


Sure thing. I’ve got a couple of the bilbo seeds left from all my orders your right they were giving them out like crazy for a while…I’ve gold a handful of the gelatos as well ill be saving those for the summer id like to get an outdoor grow on them as well

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I just started popping some bilbo beans. At what week/node did you top the main and side branches? I was thinking 8 weeks of veg before I flip, that seems about what you did.

What medium are you using?

I am at day 29 into flowering 4 of these. Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 are hermies. The 3 are now isolated from the rest of the plants (also growing gg x zkittles and MK ultra). There have not been many sacs and I have been plucking what I have found.

All of them are beautiful plants with tight node spacing and the buds are a nice size so far. Also starting to get stinky. I am just happy I found the sacs before they did some damage.

I use my own coco perlite combo… I also mix in organic worm castings and a 50/50 ratio of gaia green 444 fertilizer and their 284 bloom dry amendments. Usually 2 tablespoons per gallon of medium for both the 444 and 284. I mix all of these together to make my supersoil. Pop the beans right in the soil with a shotglass of un phed tap water to germinate. That way I only have to water for first 30 days n don’t risk nutrient burn introducing it later. I try to avoid bottled nutes. Keeping as organic as possible. Top dressing with the dry amendments periodically after 30 days every 3 to 4 weeks.

I’d have to look back at my posts to figure out the training on them as I just finished a death dab n this message alone took 35 minutes to finish​:drooling_face::laughing::laughing::laughing::fire:

I believe training was done on them between 11/28 and 12/2 so approximately 35-40ish days from seed. i did a quick veg on them and a gelato to be able to bud them with my gelato I planted on 10/2

Normally I veg 60 days minimum for photos

Bilbos turn out very nice made some butter with the larf n trim with some hash from the dry sift…then made cookies and got so baked i filled a turkey pan with a homage 6 cheese baked mac…no pictures of the cookies tho I ate them already…:drooling_face::man_shrugging::face_with_hand_over_mouth:no pictures will upload rn ill try again later