How to grow CBD White Widow Autoflower - Q&A

Here is the space to talk and ask questions about CBD White Widow Autoflower, if you want to purchase this product you can buy CBD White Widow Autoflower marijuana seeds here.

In a couple postings I’ve read that some people use a 3 gal. Bucket for autoflowering plants and a 5 gal. Bucket for regular flowering plants. Is that common? …and why a smaller bucket for the autoflowering? Also…can you grow both at the same time under 18/6 light cycle? Thank you :slight_smile:

@Kris the container size is dependent on your growing medium and the type of container. Generally 3 gallon containers are used for autos because they don’t grow as long as photos or develop a root system as big so the logic there is why waste the extra space? 5 gallons and up are used for photo strains because they generally grow larger and have more massive root systems needing that extra soil and space.

I personally use 5 to 10 gallon fabric pots for everything. Smaller plants I put in 5s and larger plants I put in 10s. I don’t have to worry about root binding because the roots will air prune in fabric pots and I like having the extra soil so I can go longer without watering and using nutrients.


Thank you again, that makes so much sense. Growing an autoflower will be a first for me and I wasn’t sure how much smaller it will be. Is using a growing medium like Miracle Grow potting mix a big no-no…or have you ever had luck with it?

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@Kris if you do use miracle grow i would use their new organic line without the slow release fertilizer. The reason miracle grow doesn’t do well with cannabis usually is because the slow release nutes don’t give the plant enough nutrients when needed and they can cause nutrient problems with nutrient burn when using supplemental nutrients. It’s much better to get an amended organic soil or make your own.

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Understood. I use that mix for all my other plants but I had seen a negative comment before about using it for pot. I believe I saw someone recommend Fox Farm. I see there is a Foxfarm FX14053 Ocean Forest Organic Garden Potting Soil Mix. I like that it is organic…by any chance are you familiar with using this? I’ve read that living soil is a great medium…but do to where my growing area is located I rather keep down the odor.

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