How to grow Candy Punch Regular - Q&A

Here is the space to talk and ask questions about Candy Punch Regular, if you want to purchase this product you can buy Candy Punch Regular marijuana seeds here.

Bear with me as I explain this as it filters through my struggling brain today:

If I were to grow this, is it better to have one male : four females vs one : one?

I hope that makes sense.

Candy Punch Seedlings

What soil mix do you use? They look happy.

If you are a pro grower, you are about to cringe. (Also, I’m not a pro) I didn’t document what I had in my soil tub. I believe it’s what I had when I planted a rose bush, which would be a mixture of coco, a little coffee grounds, and Foxfarm. It had been sitting for about a week before I used it.

Definitely not a pro. I do garden (vegetables and flowers) pretty extensively. But just started with cannabis.

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Today’s version of Candy Punch. All three, except top left corner which is Gelato.

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