How to grow Bruce Banner Autoflower - Q&A

Here is the space to talk and ask questions about Bruce Banner Autoflower, if you want to purchase this product you can buy Bruce Banner Autoflower marijuana seeds here.

I have recently purchased my bb auto seeds from hgcc which will arrive shortly any advice on these beans would be much appreciated :+1:, thanks in advance

I started my BB auto on the 7th along with Pineapple. Will keep you posted on it.
Pineapple has already sprouted stigmas!

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My Bruce banners are on week 3 from seed. Using 5x5 tent with spiderfarmer sf4000…this grow im not using any nutes just to see how they perform solo. Never grew this one before but I still have 8 more seeds for the next run.
4 Bruce banner on right
4 critical purple on left

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Week 6.5 on my bb starting to see home preflower on most love the mix I have in the tent…nice mix of saliva n indica leaves. Left is critical purple right half is BB…
AND I’m not running nutes this round other then calmag and worm castings for nitro.