How To Get Rid Of Thrips Naturally

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Discovering a plant heavily infested with thrips is always a grower’s nightmare. If not treated immediately, pests can easily diminish the quality of the plants, reduce its yield, or worse - kill it entirely.

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Thanks to the advice posted I was able to treat invading thrips quickly, without harming my plants! :pray:

I used diatemaceous earth around my grow area and spinosad directly on the soil during mid flowering of some autos.

I also didn’t have any yellow sticky traps so I just put some shallow cups with molasses on top of the soil and it worked well to show me how many were spawning/let me know when they had finally died off.


That’s cool. Good to hear you saved the plants.


Been killing few spiders in my grow so i ran across this praying mantis just a baby think he do fine

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