How to get rid of bugs organically and also keep bugs away

so what do you suggested i use for a organic bug killer and bug deterrents. I have been having this problem and need helo fixing it.

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Hey Bradley, you might try lady bugs, or benificial predatory mites. Ive used ladies myself with good success.

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Predatory insects is a great way to go, research the correct time and place to release them for maximum effect. But what kind if insect problem are you having? Neem oil is a good option for spray, DE for a dust, BT is very effective against caterpillars.

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My preferred method is garlic oil as a preventative and it can also kill some soft bodied insects if directly applied. I also use the milk treatment. For beneficial insects I’ve had great success with lady bugs for mites and aphids. Praying mantises are great too but they end up killing each other and you can only have one adult per plant as they’re very territorial but the down side to them is since they’re so territorial they’ll kill other beneficial insects too so you have to be careful with them.

You can also check out vegamatrix FTB. I’ve been thinking about it myself.

@MDBuds agreed. I’ve used the garlic, baking soda & veg oil for white powdery mold. Worked great!