How to get flavor?

I’m having trouble getting much flavor out of my grows…The pot that I smoke from legal states has a pronounced taste…I figure controlled setups $$$…I’m wondering if a guy with just the basics,led quantum light and outside sun, in a bucket of soil can grow tasty pot…Maybe add a special light and or special mix soil…looking forward to all the Maestros comments

How are you drying/ curing it? That can make or break the end result. You want a slow dry - below 70F and right around 60% RH. And dark. After 10-14 days hanging when the stems snap clean you can put it in jars to cure.

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I prefer to grow the plant in a complete soil. I don’t use any bottled nutes - I feed the soil, not the plant.

The plant makes sugars through photosynthesis that attract and feed microbiology in the soil, which in turn break down the organic matter into food for the plant. (This is part of the “carbon cycle”.)

The genetics of the plant (among other factors) control what sugars and what amounts are produced, which control what microbes get fed and ultimately what the plant gets fed. I think that all plays into how the plant fully expresses itself.

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