How to get bigger buds!

I am almost ready to harvest my plants but the buds aren’t that big… are there tips or tricks to getting bigger buds?

hi @Barron it comes with experience, you learn from others what worked and what didn’t.
This forum has many points of view and ways to grow so you can find what works for your particular growing situation.

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a few easy tricks are
more darkness. Winter is the greatest manipulator of plant growth, that is less light as the primary effect. If you only give 8 hrs of light, the buds will thicken
Second - temps…lower temps induce bud growth, also indicative of winter. Daytime around 60-65F and nights as low as 50-55 F.
When watering, use ice cubes placed around the stems (not on them). A few ice cubes will reduce the soil temps
All of these tricks mimic WINTER