How To Germinate Seeds Successfully With Proven Methods

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Germination jumpstarts the growth cycle of cannabis plants. It is when the seeds begin to sprout after a period of dormancy, or when the pre-existing life inside it awakens. For this process to occur, the ovules need adequate levels of water, heat, and air.

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I cant get my seeds to flower. Why ?

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I’ve been using the wet paper towel method for years. Works great.

Sometimes not every seed will germinate


I put my seed in water for a full day then move it to a damp paper towel in a baggie then to the growimg medium of your choice


I honestly skip the soak in water glass, I actually go straight for the wet paper towel. Works great for me


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I put straight into soil I find you don’t get so many troublesome seed shells I think it’s because as it’s pushing up thru the soil helps remove the shell

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@Sid8ted i like mine to pop out of the soil undisturbed

GG #4 Fem.

I do that same thing I use four paper towels and I fold them till I have a half a paper towel and I put it in a paper plate two one on one. And I keep it wet and I pour off the excse water. And I have the paper towel folded over so I don’t loose any seeds and I put them in the soil after they pop. Hope this helps you and I have done it this way for over 30 years. Stay safe and grow happy