How To Achieve Explosive Growth With Moon Cycles

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Most cannabis growers regard the sunlight or indoor grow lights as the central element of growing. Indeed, without any source of light, a plant would have no energy to produce its food. However, cultivators even from the bygone days of horticulture have always looked at the other facets of nature.


@Adcrag @Kronic @Khatru i always plant in a Full Moon. and i always try to harvest on a Up and Coming Full Moon for the Tidal Affect. This was October 31 planted in the soil and popped out of the Soil at 6am Election Day strong as a Female Ox

Moon Bud :v: Last Grow of GG #4 Fem. Moon Grown Bud. is my secret out? :sunglasses: i also Harvest close as i can get to a Full Moon at the Darkest Hour Just Before The Dawn that the restored Umph is going Up and Not Down and 63 Watts my wife and i love the Moon from this Mountain. we grew 18 HGCC seeds. 6 i harvested 6 went to my brothers grow room and i have 7 now :herb: The Full Moon Germinated Plants produced or are producing the Best :desert_island: it’s ALL produce gently by demand. i’d rather ask gently than and let Natures way fight me back demanding against me indoor or out. and
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May 4th Harvest