How short can you keep "tall" Sativas?

I’m starting to plan for next year’s grow. Growing outdoors in Virginia, and I need to keep the plant height down to about 6ft max. How short can you keep the tall Sativas, like say Moby Dick, with only topping. With my set-up I can do some training (like Kyles Chiropractic) but I can’t do full SCROG. Any tips or experience would be most appreciated.

I have had good luck root binding stretch monsters in smaller 1 gallon grow bags. Use grow bags instead of poly pots. The poly pots will get bad root circling.

Also, more of a leap of faith, but not sowing seeds until the summer solstice works great on stretchy strains. They seem to stretch less and transition into flower quicker I have found. Basically the seeds start slightly behind schedule outdoor.

You may need to hammer one stake thru the bag (pre planting) or do 3 short stakes outside around the grow bag for bracing. The small pots can get top heavy.

Thanks so much! Great tips. I’ve thought about starting a little later in the season. I may try that on a couple girls next year :slight_smile: .

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Supercropp them once the branches are foamed bend it back down