How often can/should you use compost tea?

Is it a once a week thing? Bi-weekly? Monthly?

I just brewed some compost tea with worm castings and black strap molasses.

Just curious.

I use my tea with every watering (watering and feeding are 2 different things…I am usually 3 watering and 1 feed, repeat). I do not use the molasses as it can affect the PH long term. I do that separately when feeding

What constitutes “feeding” and “watering”?

Out of 4 times I water the plants, one is nutrients…I include the molasses then. The other 3 times is TEA only

@rodenya01 I would personally only feed with “Teas” once every month. Usually 3-4 times per cycle of plant.

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I brew and dilute with water 4:1 and applied to the entire garden weekly.
No Molasses in the brew. I use molasses (powder) in late flower only.

Hey how you doing? I have been planting for a lot of yrs . This is going to be the first time using molasses. You use only powder form or can you use blackstrap and it is unsulfered

Can someone explain the use of molasses with me and I have not the powder . The true form the blackstrap

@rodenya01 the frequency of feeding with molasses depends on how much molasses you use.

2 tbsp every 4 weeks, 1 tbsp every 2 weeks, or 1 tsp every watering and feeding are the rates I use.

It varies with the needs of the plant or what other feedings or top dressing I am doing.

@Cruncher add @ a rate of 2 tsp. per gallon it’s truly only needed to be used once in the Beginning of making living soil to catalyze the microbial event.

The Importance of Molasses in Cannabis Plant Growth Here is an article about molasses benefits in plants. Hope it helps!

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I got the idea from @Rye who used m. powder in his tea brew. I tried it but since I apply the the entire garden I didn’t want to tempt ants which is why I didn’t use the real stuff in the 1st place. I was in full flower on my ‘Volunteers’ so I started using the powder dissolved in water in between feeding and tea. The last few weeks I used @Mrb53004 Ice cube trick to lower soil temp and made Molasses cubes.
Started out at 1T per gal then went to 2 when it seemed to be effective.
Now I am using another idea from @Rye for drying and curing because of the heat.
This is what I love about this forum!

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