How much is too much...?

Water that is. I’m seeing random comments about watering once or twice per week or even less “as needed”.

I wonder if I am maybe watering too much. I have each plant in a 4 gallon fabric container and I have been feeding/watering every morning religiously with about a quart each. So 4 plants in my 4x4 use 1 gallon per day. This in turn runs through and gets collected and I dump the run off outside on my flower beds (they don’t seem to mind).

I am thinking of changing to every other day.

Same topic for flushing. Is a quart of pH’d Water every day too much?



Depends on your media . . . if you’re using soil it’s too much. Soil needs to get pretty dry before you water/feed again


Let the soil dry out between watering so the roots will seek out water toward the bottom and stretch out. Stick your finger to the first knuckle if it’s dry water.

Good stuff. Thanks. I am using soil and I have cut way back on feeding/watering. And the girls seem to have gone turbo as a result.