How much can I grow

Hey all not so new but definitely no vet. So I found a Nutes line that I really like and have gotten a Mars hydro 39x39x72 tent mars hydro 4” in-line with controller and carbon filter I run 2 Famurs TF1200 w full spec led roughly 110 true watts grime the wall have not checked to see if I can adjust the drivers or not but the put out around 700 par at 16 inches how many photo periods can I successfully run with out have to my issues?

1 nice plant, or try SoG method.

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I’d plant many small plants. You can have many strains to try out and see how they behave. Flip them to 12/12 when they’re small and you’ll have enough flower to keep you and your friends happy until you do it again.

Many small plants, fast to harvest, repeat.

A big plant will give you many, many clones which you can turn around fast.

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Thank you I was wondering because I’m running ethos genetics next and it’s the grandpas stash multi pack so I have one bean of each to see how the go I’m thinking I will do one large plant and try and clone a few small ones flower them then flip the mother pack to veg. Is this something that could be done?

You’d need to have two light setups to do this properly, one with 18 hour day for veg and the other with 12 hours for flower. Otherwise, the mother will be too far gone to flower to reveg. I keep my mother plants under 8 lightbulbs from Home Depot, 4 LED, 4 CFL, all 100 watt equivalent, 18 hours a day. You can then use your regular tent lights for flowering.