How long do orders usually take to ship? Answer, not long

Hello friends,

I put in a $150 order for some seeds + a nute kit to give these guys some business for putting out their very useful grow guides, but it’s been 10 days and the order is still processing. Is this normal? Bank cleared it on day 2, the receipt I got said to give it 3 days after that, but it’s been a week since and no movement.

I’m not trying to cut in line, if there are other orders going out before mine, just wondering if I happened to peeve off Kyle by suggesting a song to him in a sort of hurried fashion (I was a bit excited to dive into his guides).

If this is normal, all good! I don’t mind waiting my turn.
Good luck in your grows!

Edit: It shipped yesterday probably as I was typing out this post. >.>
Looking forward to some HomegrownCo original strains! (Diesel Auto and Deelite Auto)

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Welcome @LaheyExceptWeed Brian! These are exciting times!! :grinning: :rofl:

It is kind of normal for it to take a week or two - I think they must be smoking some of this weed, but I guess can’t blame em for that. :grin:

Pretty soon, you’ll be growing, and your next question will be “How long does it take until we’re there yet?” For those types of questions, or to just chat about plants, you’ve come to the right place.

Seed inquiries you should probably email the company, but I bet you’ll get an email early this week.

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Thank you bro, if this is the norm, I am perfectly content waiting as long as it takes. Thanks for letting me know!

A hundred blessings on your next harvest <3

Hey Brian Curtis hope you have better luck than me. They told me crap for a week or so. When I finally got seeds it took 12 seeds to get 2 plants. Not planning on trying to germinate the last 4. The 2 that are up are weak and small. Will not purchase anything from HGC ANY MORE.

Well I figure I owe them at least a little business for being so open with all of the grow guides they have put out for the general public to benefit from. Sucks that your experience was less than great, but I suspect that some orders may go that way (they can’t know if a batch of seeds is bad?)

I did write into HGC support and the response was immediate and the lady was very willing to let me back out of my order. Solid support all around. So I decided to stay put and give them the business I felt I owed them.

Will update this thread in a few months with pics of the girls or other results.

Once you get the email confirming your payment it takes about a month for them to send out they will send email saying they are on there way @LaheyExceptWeed


Super helpful, thank you Reed. I had just read a review saying “shipped immediately, great seeds” or thereabouts, and that made me wonder.

Totally get it if it takes a while to get orders shipped, the end result is all I’m after… ^.~

I’ve had good luck with all my seeds I’ve gotten but it takes awhile to ship


@LaheyExceptWeed it should arrive soon. Homegrown had issues with their system beginning of the year but they should be resolved by now and orders should start going out again.

Covid did a number on shipping too and has caused a lot of delays.