How long can I just water?

I just planted on December 2nd my 1st seed it is sprouted I am using Cocoa Fox farm. Can I just water it without putting any additional supplies are ingredients in it?

@Medicalhelp do you mean you are using coco coir mixed with fox farm soil? If so which soil?

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The Ingredients of Fox Farm Bush Doctor Coco Loco Potting Mix are: coco coir, perlite, worm poop, bat poop, composted forest humus, dolomite lime for pH balance, etc. It’s definitely a coco-based complete potting mix and not just coco
This is a self sustaining starter substrate and you should be able to just use Ph water until flowering time


Yes you can give just water bc autos are in veg mode a short time and thats a good medium that should carry you through veg, however i do recommend a light food bc you want to get the most from your autos, i use botanacare pro grow 2 ml per US gal, after you water and drain fill a 16 oz cup of water and pour a small splash from jug ( i have been doing this so long i do by eye) stir feed and drain, never burned a plant in veg.

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