How growing weed has changed my life

Now I pick out the little sugar leaves when I’m rolling a joint. I never used to do that. Do you all do that?

I know, you thought this was going to be some kind of moving story about overcoming obstacles or something. :rofl: Sorry, pure click bait!

I do find it to be a relaxing and very rewarding hobby. And my friends rave about how good my smoke is, so that’s fun.

Anyway, if you have a real “weed-changed-my-life” story, we’d love to hear it!


Geeze, what patience you must have. That means you are younger than most of us old potheads. We donot have the patience for that, just grind it all up, roll or cook…ENJOY!


Grind and smoke there good too to much time like @Mrb53004 said


I enjoy a pipe myself, but I do want to try wrapping with the sugar leaves😉

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Years ago (here I go again, back in time…it’s like flashbacks from acid trips…lol) we used to make our own Thai stick
we would use fans leaves to roll our bud. Dip them in sugar water and they were the bomb
Kinda like Cuban Cigars… :drooling_face: