How do these both look?

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@CurrDogg420 It’s been a couple of weeks?

@CurrDogg420 have you decided how you going fix pepper spray im going to dry mine out then pull oils out

please share the process and results…inquiring minds want to know

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@Zman_79 Looking great man! Training is coming along nice on the bigger one - looks like ya got 8 tops?

I haven’t been in the site much the past couple weeks. Had some pretty heavy shit happen in my life. My girlfriend died and the cops chopped down all my plants.

@Daddy1971 I never finished the pepper spray. I don’t have anymore plants to defend from pests and it wouldn’t have slowed down the ones that did wipe me out.

I’m going with some self inflicted pain instead:

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Fantastic…so how do you treat the garden / plants for KILL, Repel, prevent infestation?

Me? I used some companion plantings this year - lots of marigolds and basil. Grew some Chinese cabbage that ended up being a “trap” plant for cabbage moths. It had all gone to seed too early anyway. Other than that it’s been survival of the fittest out in the veggie garden.

So far no major problems with bugs - did lose a couple pepper plants to ants early on. Had some rabbits and chipmunks but they mostly just eat stuff that’s already on the ground.

every other year I plant peas / beans to fix the nitrogen in my garden. I do not grow white clover as it just runs amok. I like chrysanthemum as they give off Pyrethrum, a natural insecticide made from the dried flower heads of Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium and Chrysanthemum coccineum…a natural insect killer
Marigolds also exude some as they break down. Romans used to throw them in the streets to kill / ward off insects

I will share progress im still waiting on all my peppers to get finished here’s pics of the ghost peppers


Holy shit @CurrDogg420 so so so sorry to hear about all that. Sending my condolences to you for all that’s been happening. Damn sounds like California with that type of shit happening to you. I want you to know I appreciate all the tips and time you gave me,to increase my knowledge on my 1st grow.

Neem oil mixed well with water shake the sprayer often and it works but smells so inside your house it’s a little offputting.BadMF

Years ago I was a big fan of neem oil…t resolved so many insect issues. Today, sorry to say, it has gone over to the “Dark Side” Luke…I use non-GMO Organics invented by my partner and my daughter…ones chemist, she is a bio-med engineer
No smell, no residue, use all the way into harvest and drying