How close to harvest

Some buds are almost 50% brown hairs. Some are still white. Can someone give me info. I am afraid my OCD acted up a bit when trimming. Bubba Kush fem. Week 6 of flower. Not much room left.

Go by the trichomes

Sorry can’t get photo to download??

Tanks my friend, I so appreciate this.

if this ain’t the pic, I give up


Try again, @Rusty. I’d like to see. We are all running short on patience with our Self as of late. I have to edit one sentence at least four times lately.


I finally got it. Hope your seeing it. I think I posted it as a reply . I ain’t as good as once was.


None of us are. :slight_smile:

Try again. I discovered that I had to look in the bottom corner of the screen to wait for the ‘Uploading X%’ is complete.

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Here is my other box. It was hard not to trim her. I read a link somewhere about a canopy so here it is, if I can get it to post

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Type out your sentence like this. Then click that up arrow above the sentence. Don’t forget to wait for the ‘Uploading X%.’

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Did you see my pic ?



I did. I saw two of them. Nice looking plants from my experience level!! :heart_eyes:

Best of luck with the harvest!



Beautiful girls, @Rusty! I see them now. I got lost going down the rabbit hole earlier. They are coming along wonderfully, don’t you think?

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Ready to harvest mines too but still have white hairs still


Did you see them both.

Did you see them both

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Yes, one a little more naked than the other?

which was the proper way I should have done it. Do I need the canopy or do I just need to Bud. I just don’t know

I haven’t done a proper LST as of yet. However, I’m going to say I like the one with the nicer canopy. Hopefully, one of my more knowledgeable friends here will answer you properly because I’m not an expert in this. I pretty much let mine grow the way they want to. I will be using LST next grow so I’ll be learning from you then. :pray:t2: :star_struck:

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If you provide proper nutrition and light, you can keep it flowering for a much longer time. Do NOT use the tops (near the lights) to determine the readiness to harvest. Dig down inside and grab some trichomes from there to inspect. I have, at times, partially harvested, leaving the upper portion of the plant to continue to bloom