Hot dirt burn nute burn on leaves

Should I clip these? Three weeks in and first week of veg. My ph got out of hand late last week.

Strain is dee-lite. Seems like a very hardy plant so far. Thanks in advance for the help all!

It doesn’t look like nute burn can you take pictures of under the leafs

Ph was very high for a few days. Yes, they are napping now but should be able to get a half way descent pic

In, so I can see other responses and read later.

Also it is an auto flower. I brought the ph down and flushed today. Had used germ genie and mold shield hcc products for first watering after transplant to 3 gal. Just water and bug guard/mold shield (as needed)from here out until flowering. Water schedule is every two days and around 5oz of water. Rh has been between 40-50 and temps haven’t gone below 68 F or above 78. Also have a jar of pro co2 with constant air recycling fan and an inline w/ 4” carbon filter.

Sorry, 4 Oz of water.

Did you spray with h2o after the lights been on due to low humidity perhaps?:sunglasses:

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No, I only feed at start of nap and have a breeze fan above them on low setting. I am happy with the Rh only problem was the high soil ph from a watering late last week. Days later, I see these spots. Like the thought, thank you.

They are flushed just today so I should wait I guess. Also getting the notion that I should not trim these affected leaves either?

Sorry didn’t get back to you that looks like got drip from watering i believe your good when you water with the lights on and water get on leaf’s make burnt places

Thank you, i will make sure no moisture is coming from the overhead lights. I appreciate the help and info my friend!

Your very welcome god bless