Homemade carbon filter ideas?

I’m building a dedicated drying cabinet. I’ve got a pair of AC Infinity fans to pull air, and some carbon mat pre filter. Thinking of building a filter box contains a carbon pre filter mat taco stuffed with coconut charcoal air filter media. Mount the fans on the outside, pulling cabinet air through the filter box.
Now before I go and do this, I’m gonna put it before the fire. What say thee? Yay or nay?

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I have never built one, but like the idea. I think as long as the filter doesn’t restrict airflow to the point where the fans have to run faster to move the air. Potential for harming the fans and or fire I suppose.

I have past experience with large scale carbon filters in an industrial setting that would slowly reduce air flow until it started overheating the fan motors. These filters were “serviceable” so the media could be dumped and replaced once a month or so. Higher humidity required more frequent changes.

On the scale of your cabinet those concerns would likely be very small.

If you decide to do it, please send pics. I am always fascinated by DIY solutions.

Oh I’m doing it. The donor cabinet is due to arrive tomorrow. I have the rest of the ingredients. I currently use a cardboard box plumbed into my tent input air with four inch dryer duct. Trying to go a bit more upscale, a Walmart cabinet with fans on the back, inlet on lower back w pre filter, outlet pulled through filter box to extreme upper back exit fans, four inch times two. I’m just hoping I’ve got enough odor control. I’m trying to eliminate the flex duct snorkel

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My compost bin has a thin carbon filter that works incredibly well although it is static. Not sure how it would do with air pulling through.

Thanks. That gives me an idea of 5he scale of what’s needed.