Homegrown Diaries Updates - April 21st 2021

Hey guys, we have added some new features to Homegrown Diaries to help improve the overall experience for you all!

Here are the new updates for April 2021:

Comments - We now have a fully integrated comment section on every diary to allow users to add further feedback on their own diaries and ask questions or to allow other users to comment, give praise or ask questions.

Likes - Previously we only had the feature to allow users to follow other users and diaries, however, now we have a like feature for both diaries and users. This displays next to the ‘follow’ button, like so:

Social Media Integration - You now have the ability to add links to your social media accounts if you so wish. To do so, you need to click on the profile icon in the top corner and select user information >>> profile settings >>> edit profile and then you can paste the links from your social channels here.

Coming Soon

In the coming weeks and months we will be adding more features, so stay tuned, I will keep you posted in this thread!

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