Hippie cat loves big mango

Reaping the benefits of my grow right in my front yard in Connecticut Even my cat thinks it’s delicious ! Big mango from homegrown seeds feminized. Thank you homegrow!! Love you guys image|450x500

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One of my cats LOVES White Widow. He eats the leaves while it’s growing, and when I smoke it, he comes closer. The other cat likes it all. :rofl:

My dad actually my family when we were still one had a cat that lived too 22 years old and her name was Nala we got her when the first Lion King movie came out in the 90s. We think she lived so long because she smoked pot everyday whenever my dad or I would sit down and smoke no matter where she was she instantly appeared. My dad actually told me that you can’t blow It right in her face you have to blow it down and let it rise up and she would inhale it and actually exhale smoke. When the bud wasn’t good she wouldn’t even come around but when we didn’t have any she actually would start Jones in. After she would smoke she would go by the food bowl and not let any of the other cats eat well she laid down and ate her food. It was so cool.


My cats ate some of my little plants when I had them in the screened porch. They puked it all up. Most of the plants survived.

I have a currently 1 ft cat nip plant growing among all the other herbs on the front porch to tame even the wildest of cats in the neighborhood.

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It helps with hairball removal. Mine eat cannabis, lemon grass, and spider plants.

They like the garden as much as I do. Hide in my plants. It’s as much for them as for me.

I’m working on growing catnip indoors. It likes cooler temperatures, so this winter it should take off.

I lived where I could grow it outdoors. One cat would lay under the plants and sleep. Sometimes he would reach up, grab some catnip, eat, and go back to sleep. It was funny to watch.