Highest quality pure live resin

Hello grow community I need your help on this I am researching and wanting to find out to make the best more purest for of live resin but cannot figure out what is the best way to do this with fresh harvest buds ? Or dried buds ? Or dry then cure? I understand you need to make hash first but what is the best form the flower material or buds need to be to make that happen

My guess is the fresh harvest would be best with out drying or curing and begin ice bucket method
To make the hash again I could be completely wrong

the trikes contain most of the active thc but it is not the only important part of the plant. Decarbing also serves as the catalyst to convert molecular structures. So it then comes down to what you will do with your resin. Resin can be smoked (so lighting it up initiates the decarb process to get you high), but it cal also serv as a foundation for edibles, ticnctures, etc. And CBD, CBN, THCN and others all come in to play in the DRY/CURE process. Personally, I dry, cure then I have the option to do whatever I want with the end product. It really comes down to end product and a choice…neither is wrong