HGCC Website/Support Problems

Can anyone help me understand what is going on with the HGCC website? I have been trying to take advantage of the Cart Boost promo that ends today by making a purchase that in every way complies with their requirements for the promo. The checkout page on the cart will not let me add my Stash points to the purchase. After calling for three days with no one answering, I finally spoke with Sabina yesterday morning, who told me that, yes there were problems with the cart, but that I should be able to add my Stash points to the purchase. She was going to call “someone behind the curtain” to find out when it would be fixed and she would call me back yesterday. Now, the promo is about to expire with no returned telephone call from Sabina, no repaired webpage, and no purchase. What is going on? I am at the Guru level in purchases and every time I try to get support from HGCC they manage to fumble the ball. The least they could do is call me back as they said they would. The cart does not work. They cannot even take my money. This is like going to a third world country and dealing with people doing the street hustle. Please help.


Hey Jack/John!

It appears the entire site was having an issue over the last few days, much like many other sites since most of us have nothing but time and a whole lot of internet shopping, know what I mean? If you had tried to access this community site, for instance, you may have noticed it wasn’t working properly either. I’m pretty sure your sale codes and such will be honored since as a business, this means they lost out, too. Much like everything else in this year of 2020, we all just require a little more patience.

I’m glad to see you are excited about growing. Can’t wait to see what you have going. Peace be with you! :v:


@Jack they are transitioning to a worldwide platform right now and they’re still working out the kinks. I’ve had to speak to their support a few times as well and I usually end up speaking with a woman in Spain. The communication gap makes things a little rocky but if you keep at it they work it out eventually.

I’ve lost stash points from orders and had the same issue with not being able to add them and managed to get all of my issues resolved in a few days and even had stash points returned to me.

All that being said though all of these upgrades they are doing are bound to come with some snags, but bear with them. The site looks amazing and is easier to use than ever and once they work it all out it should be a breeze.


@Jack i just double checked and the cart is working on their desk top site. If you’re using your phone like I usually do you can just change the settings for the site and set it to view desktop site instead of mobile site and the cart will be working on your phone.

Just have to hold the phone sideways to view it that way and it pops up with an animated screen telling you to turn your phone or tablet sideways to view desktop site.


@MDBuds thanks for the time and effort you put into helping people.

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@Jared thanks for the appreciation man. :v::metal: