Hey grow family

Hey my bottom leaves are turning yellow at week 8 is this normal or not??? Any suggestions. Or am i just tripping…and also im n week 8 and no sign of flowers yet??

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What are you growing auto’s or photos?? That would help us alil bit

They are autos…blue widows

Light schedule? When did you change it have you changed it? Signs of pistols ? Need more info

No i didnt change my light schedule still the same since day 1 both bloom and Veg lighy is on. I tried to cutt the light off but the stems bent over cuz of leaves so i figure it was not ready yet!! I have seen sign of pistals on the stem from the leaves…but not strong enough.

Yelllw on top would be light burn. Yellow on bottom but not on top sounds like your needing some nutrients.

If you are on week 8 with autos, you might not have auto seeds…the yellowing is most likely nitrogen shortage. Try to go lights off for a longer period than you are right now, if you want it to flower. I have not experienced an auto over 5-6 weeks of veg.

lower leaves can yellow out towards the end of flowering as the plant begins to take nutrients from the leaves to support bud growth. Not necessarily a nutrient issue. 8 Weeks is LATE flower for most autos…close to harvest. Plants start to take on the FALL LOOK…If the rest of the plant looks OK, I would ignore…you only have a short time left


Yes big [email protected] mrb53004, its jus that one so i cut the yellow leaves off for maybe new grow…i havent put no nutrients since day 1 jus water…maybe they jus growing a lil slow…but i can defly smell thees beautiful girls. So when should start looking for flowers??? Cuz right now my stock on top is not strong enough hold up with the light?.

N corrections boys they are Feminized!! So maybe thats the problem…whats the diffence between that n auto.

Feminized is as close to the female “guarantee” as you can get. It’s a photo bean, which means you have to switch the light cycle. A bit of nitro will go a long way when you feed next. If you have a beginning flower mix like a 2-10-10, it could be sufficient for the current issues and help her in to flower.

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Autos have rideralis genes and flower on their own at week 4/5. No flip needed and less nutes needed.

So when do i flip??? The stock is not strong enough on top to be in the dark…so should i wait a lil more.

send some pics of the tops…
when to flip - a matter of choice. If you are growing a photoperiod plant, flipping should be a combination of:
satisfaction with the size of the plant in its vegetative state and not too large to be accommodated by the size of the container it is in
I do not understand the “The stock is not strong enough on top to be in the dark” comment

Autoflowers…you do not flip them, they flip all on their own…you can kick them off but mostly it is based on hormones / age, not the light cycle like it is with a photoperiod plant

Stalks tend to strengthen, actually, thicken during beginning periods of flower. Microbes and mycorrhiza! Happy growing.

Heres the plant bro…any good news!


And its 3 more of them like that…this is my verrrrrrry firsttttttt grow!

Tony, you got these in tents? I do not see flowers / pistils yet If in a tent, remember this…once they go to flower, they will shoot 1-3 feet. Make sure you account for distance - from the light, from the top of the tent.
If outdoors, they will bloom soon as we are entering the harvest season…unless you are in Australia
If desired, get the lights moved to 12/12…they will begin to start flowering in about 2 weeks. Chill the water a little (it represents the oncoming fall season) where temps lower, light cycles are less and hormone (fruiting) production INCREASES

:flushed::flushed:i got these in a tent bro…so should i switch to flipping now…and yu said (Chill the water a little) how do i do that.