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So i have company in my soil…i have like alot of little tiny bugs that lives on top…the questions how do i get rid of my friends…i believe the bugs was already in the soil when i bought it…any suggestions.??

I had some little bugs in mine also. I was not sure if they were destructive. I used some Sevin 5 but my wife got mad and did some research. We found that Marigolds are natural bur repellants. I found some “dwarfs” Marigolds and planted them all around the trees, careful to not block sunlight.
Another thing is that we switched to a cedar frame for our raised bed. Cedar is a natural bug deterrent.

But I am a novice so I am sure you will find more and better advise here.

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Omri’ Neem seed meal, Omri’ neem oil or Food grade Diatomaceous Earth., or some other type organic bug deterrent. Lemon eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil., Lavender., etc., sounds like fungus gnats., (make sure they are all (OMRI) listed… “Don’t spray your flowers though with pesticides ever”., make sure when using a silica product 2 wear a mask!:v:

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Thanks you guys for the advice.

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I do not prescribe to OILS…a matter of choice
Add silica sand, about a 1/4 inch level on top of the soil and add some pea gravel so when you water it does not wash it away…unlike DE that needs to be replenished after getting wet, Silica sand does NOT…Keeps many of the surface insects at bay. If they are down deeper, you need a biological organic agent to kill off larvae and eggs…like my bug spray we talked about
Oils can contaminate and many of the processes to extract oils (neem, lavender, lemon, mint falilies,etc) all use hars chems to get that oil and even if you desire organic, this stuff is made with chems you would never want to ingest…same for yor plants. Oils clog roots and create a SHIELD that can be impenetrable by water and O2

Should I have stated all oils if you use any of them should be organic, but I figure we all know that by now., most organic oils are derived through steam distillation., D.E. retains all its bug killing properties once it gets dry again., even if it were once wet. Yet @Mrb53004 has his own bug deterrent I believe he’s created, maybe ask him and he can send you some to try?

Thanks​:call_me_hand::muscle:…im gonna try it out.

Hey @Mrb53004. If you dont mind mi asking what is yo
“bug spray we talked about”