Helppp! With my seedlings

So i put seeds in a paper towel, they pop but i messed around and left out n they had dried up…the question is can i still plant them.

Get em moist again and give it a shot! If the roots seem stuck to the towel use some scissors or something to cut around the seedling and just plant it paper towel and all.


Thanks bro​:metal::beer:…i still planted them to see wat happen…its day four n still head pop up. Lol


For how long was they dry out

I done that before and they never came back.

1 full day…n i think theres no coming back.

when you stress a seedling this young, it will always be a problem child. Start over.
hint - never try to pull a sprout out of paper towel, cut the towel and plant with it. I use unbleached coffee filters INSIDE my paper towel and the taps NEVER get stuck


Thanks bro for the advice. I learn stuff everyday.!:100:

just between you and me, if I could buy plants already in the veg stage, i.e. like the marigolds you buy at Home Depot, I would jump on it. LOL Germ to Veg is my most problematic time.

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