Help with germination

I germinated my seeds by soaking them for 24 hours and then inserted them into the soil pods that came with my growing tent which I then put into a plastic dome. I left them in a dark spot but nothing ever grew. Is it possible that I soaked the pods too much? How do you guys germinate your seeds? Any tips would be so greatly appreciated as I am totally new to this!!

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If I use pods and a dome I do not soak my seeds and I have always had success.

You have to have them out in some light. They will not grow in the dark. Just not mid day burning sun in summer.

How far down in the pod did you plant them? I have planted them a little to deep before. Took a lot longer for anything to come up and a few never did,

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Thank you so much! That’s super helpful. I think I might have put the seeds in too deep. Last time I pulled a piece of the pod off and put it on top of the hole— should I do that this time? Also, should I leave it by a window sill?

You only want them maybe a half inch down. I use a plastic drink stirrer, but you can always use a pencil too.

Yes, put it by the window sill. You want heat and humidity in there. I have used a desk lamp with a LED bulb to germinate them. After they have been above ground for a few days, open the vents on top or take it off for a few hours. As they get a little more established, you can increase the time.

After about a week, they should be ready to plant. If they stretch for light before you transplant them, make sure to bury some of the stem.

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Home grown has good video on best way germination and i have been doing it like that for years best way ive never had bad seed

I soak overnight, then plant 1/2 in deep in a dixie cup filled with organic seed starter soil, cheap from the garden center. I keep the soil moist not soaked, bottom heated with a heating pad (like for a sore back) in a sunny window. Seedlings pop in 1-3 days. Interestingly, the first up are usually the strongest adults. Oh, I punch a hole in the bottom of the dixie cup for drainage. That’s the seedling’s home for the first 2-3 weeks before transplanting.

I do not put them over a quarter inch deep if that deep you can lay them on top of the soil and water them in and they will pop in a day or two. But they do need light and warmth and moisture. I was taught to put it no deeper than my pinky fingernail. Like everything else to do with growing cannabis it’s mostly personal preference and what works best for you and your place and time.

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