Help with deficiencies

First time running Autos and wanna see what signs my girls are showing.

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To avoid most deficiencies I use calmag and liquid kelp and mix a foliage spray which I use 3 times a week and I stop when I am in flower do not change the taste of buds

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I have a few of my plants showing spots on the leaves to me they look like an orange color or even slightly rust colors. I’ve give ph water at 6.2-6.5 always and even increased my P input by double which is 75% of suggested strength and they still are showing some problems. I’ve given magnesium through Epsom salt and calcium through a product called Rot stop. I’m just not sure if I’m low On Phosphor or cal. Any help would be appreciated. It won’t let me load a picture because I wanted me to go through a cloud service. Would Google photos count

Just looking… I would start supplementing additional liquid cal/mag with watering for a quicker remedy. You can supplement cal/mag organically but I would go a little heavier that way with autos and your girl is already deficient.

Looks calcium deficient to me. But could be mag deficient also causing some lockout. Either way, just feed both with your water for a couple waterings to get them back on track.

If youe feeding macros at 75% and still deficient then increase to full recommended feeding amount for your macros. Assuming you’re feeding liquid nutes by your description. The plants look like they have had some strong growth and should be able to handle up to a full feeding recommendation… Just keep an eye on the tips and back off a little with water only if they start burning. To me its easier to back off a little than chase deficiencies… Plus I never want to wonder if they have enough. But that’s just me.


I’m sure you are right on the money @laf6502 these ladies are growing in dirt I had to reuse and I didn’t have enough compost dirt to put in. I’ve been composting eggs and banana and all types of outdoor flowers for the last couple years. I have some calcium spray for my tomatoes but I didn’t want to use it as far along as these are to prevent the buds getting misted. Thanks for your reply.

Could be ph fluctuating on u do u use calmag