Help with a 5x5 set up

Well I had been looking for a job for the last two weeks, and finally I’m headed to work. This year was full of set backs for me so I was piecing together a set up, but I got a great deal on the lights, and found a 80$ 5x5 which honestly I’m flabbergasted by. It is a awesome grow tent! So now I can actually start putting it together.

Now I livr by myself with two dogs lol and I’m not worried about smell. I have bad feet as I broke both of them at the semtime when I was young and I’ve had 5 surgeries between the two of them 13 scres in all. So I also want to be able to water my plants when I want but not have to move all the plants every time. So I was gonna install a drip kit to wear I can just go in there turn it on for a minute or two and be done with it, or put it on a timer.

And c02, I’ve got a year or two with growing but this is my first tent with 750wnof light lol before I was running a mars hydro 1000 and one of these 150w grow planners and it did fine for a 5x3, but with this I feel like I would need something?!

So all in all I’m just looking for advice e on how to set up this 5x5 with all the right equipment! Tips, tricks, hacks, suggestions, ANYTHING AJD EVERYTHING is appreciated!!! Sorry that the post is so sporadic, here’s what I have going on right now. I know what I’m doing to a extent I’m just missing pieces!

Anyways, I’m stressing on a few things.
Q1) I have a window unit in the room my tent is in, and I’m wondering how to utilize it. Can I just hook it up to a tempature controller and let the ac cool it down and the lights warm it up?

Q2) I love in the east coast where it’s humid, I also was wondering how I should get rid of humidity. I had a idea of getting a small dehumidifier, one to where I could drill a small hole for a house that would lead to a reservoir. Since I’d be using the fan for tempature.

Q3) I am curious to know if the 5050 LED strip lights will actually do anything. I bought some red 660nm 5050 led strip, I cut it in 2ft sections, cut a 2"x2" dowl rod wrapped it with foil stapled it and stuck one of the 2 ft sections of 660nm led strip on each side. My thinking was this way I can get them really close to the plants and hanging them vertically wouldnt block my main lights, I was planning on making a few of them.
Or would it be better to buy a booster bar? I also want to add some UV in there I was thinking of either 2 or 3 of these ( EnjoYield DIY-60 Bloom Booster LED Grow Light, Dimmable Red & UV Grow Lights for Flowering ) or getting these 2 reds and 1 UV (RED
FGI Far Red LED Grow Light Set. Supplimental 700-760nm Exteneded Spectrum.

FGI 360nm to 400nm UV-A LED Grow Light. 4’ )

The only things I have so far are the following;
5, grow planner 150w

1 5x5 JT Jupetory Grow Tent

1 inkbird humidity control Dual Stage Humidifier Dehumidifier

1 humidifier

2 Hurricane Classic 6 Inch White Clip Fan with Strong Clamp, Two Speed Settings, and Adjustable Tilt

2 Timers

Much love and God bless
P Tree
AKA ChiefWhiteLegs

It seems like with all those light ideas that you would probably just be better off buying one good light. You can get a 1500w king led (awesome light) on amazon for under 100$

Happy Thanksgiving!

Get a good 5x5 light and you can stop wondering if what you have is enough, too much intensity, correct spectrum, etc. Avoid the cheap light spiral . . . buying some junk off of Amazon/Walmart to save $$ and buying again when you find out (for example) the 1500w King recommended above is really less than 200w and the actual PPDF at canopy level is maybe sufficient for a 2x2.

As far as saving $$, do you believe that some no name knockoff company can manufacture a reliable grow lamp that will outperform anything that HLG, ChilLED, Growers Choice, California Light Works, Black Dog, etc. can produce for half the cost?

I do like the idea of side lighting, I noticed that AC Infinity has added supplemental lighting to their lineup . . . I suppose if done correctly there would be less reason to remove lower bud sites since they would receive the light needed to fatten up nicely.

Maybe it’s just me but it always sounds crazy to me when people almost brag about paying $100+ for a few seeds then cut every possible corner on the equipment needed to provide the proper environment for those seeds to reach their maximum potential.

The window unit in the same room is good . . . gives you a lung room to draw conditioned air from. You want to heat or cool, humidify or dehumidify the room the tent is in rather than the smaller space inside the tent. I tried putting a dehumidifier IN a tent, took me a minute to figure out why it didn’t work . . . humidity was up and down like crazy. Well, the dehumidifier lowered the tent humidity fairly quickly, almost as fast as the vent sucked all the dehumidified air out of the tent and replaced it with the more humid air from the room when it kicked on. Moved dehumidifier to lung room and can dial it in a lot easier when pulling preconditioned air into tent rather than trying to condition it as it come into the space.

If you make sense of my Thanksgiving morning coffee and blunt ramblings I salute you! Have a great day!

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Dear ChiefWhiteLegs,

Just stop what you’re doing cuz I’m about to ruin the image and the style that you’re used to.

What you should do really depends on the area you live in. I made the mistake of listening to everybody but not really taking a step back and looking at my natural environment. You are trying to do too much, just Keep It Simple Stupid (not implying that you are or anyone else) just a saying. Less is more with these plants…after all they are weeds.

My recommendation is that unless you are trying to compete with all the other businesses and sell your product then don’t worry so much about any of it. Have fun, learn, try different things and find the smoke you love the most. It is a weed and it will grow unless you just really do something wrong. I grow all my girls to the end no matter how ugly. Sometimes the ugly ones give the best head lol.

He who walks among men