Help! What are these and what do i do

What are these and what do i do? I’m in my 5th week of flower!!! Aaaah!!! I burned the leaf already, but what else do i need to do?

Hi @dolphinluvr no idea but you need to get rid of them…hopefully someone will chime in on what to do

They look like lace bugs from the picture…another photo from different angle possibly? Possibly an egg sack of some sort or the lace bugs. Is it a heavy infestation?

a couple of possibilities…if they are aphids, you will see them moving…They can be droppings or even eggs from insects (leaf miners, aphids, mites, gnats)
dawn soap, couple drops in quart of water, spray. You can stream a little to WASH them off. The soap will DRY out the droppings / eggs / aphids / other insects. If persistent, add a little apple cider vinegar to the solution. It will change the ph so do not spray on flowers or DRENCH. Spray, let dry (20 min), repeat 3 times. Make sure it is at first light or lights off