Help please: Rusty looking leaves

These are from sativa strain week 10 flower.
Is this an obvious symptom of excess nutrients or a deficiency?

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Definitely looks like micro lockout from nitrogen excess. Those leaves are super green for week 10 of flower.

Nitrogen can lockout micros like calcium and magnesium as well as phosphorus and potassium. It can stunt growth in flower and give you looser larfy buds too.


I believe you’re absolutely correct.
I did some plain ph flushes and then added cal mag and resumed feeding lower nitrogen bloom nutrients.
The affected plants didn’t get worse and are now in week 14 about to be harvested. The other plants are doing great. I probably messed up the plants potential but learning.
I was told because I was growing in soil and using tap water I didn’t need cal mag.
Six Acapulco Gold x Star Pupil plants in a 2x2 tent.
Thanks :pray:

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@Nyslide62 generally in soil you don’t usually need a lot of micros but flushing after discovering a nutrient toxicity washes nutrients out of the soil including the micros. Every time you flush your next feeding should include cal-mag or micro boosters.

Glad your plants bounced back and are healthier. They look great. Happy growing man. :v::metal::call_me_hand: