Help my plant is missing something

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So I have been growing for a few months now and I’m wondering what exactly is going on

Media, Temps and humidity levels will be needed along with any other info you have for a decent diagnostic and welcome!! Also nutes no nutes what kind …dosage

Medium, fox farm ocean soil, between 78-83, humidity 50-65%, I’ve been growing this plant for awhile sense beginning of March, I haven’t flipped it because the the situation I have with my step ups and going to here in 3 weeks. I run blue planet nutrients organic grow line, I do the usual feed and water, for the most part I’m pretty good with keep it in range. Although I did just recently flush the plant because it looked like there was start to have a build up of nutrients and a very high ppm, I just feed it a few days ago.

Look like they need nitrogen to me. Make sure cal/mag levels are good also. A lot of time when I veg a plant a long time and have pruned it several times due to heavy growth I need to replenish a good boost of nitrogen as the lower leaves will start fading to yellow.

3 weeks to flip, I would top dress 75% growth blend/ 25% bloom. Water it in and Feed with worm castings, kelp and molasses. Then on the next top dress I would flip the ratio to 75% bloom mix/ 25% growth.

Size of media containers will come a lot more into play with late flips. Looks like you have 5 gallon pots? My late flips always require more water and more food. 5 Gallons from seedling probably needed ammmendments by week 5-6 and then every 4 weeks.

With liquid nutes, I would do the same ratio and at 100% of recommendation. Swap ratio on next feeding when you flip to 75% bloom mix.

Yes it is a liquid nutes and a 5 gallon grow pot.

So next feeding do 75% growth and 25% bloom and the following week so 75% bloom and 25% growth?
I’m gonna take a pic of my grow line and chart.

I did flush it like a week ago and fed it 2 days ago as well

The ph for the run off was a 6 and the ppms were around 1050

Are you feeding weekly? Because your plants still have a lot of growth stage left and appear to me to be lacking nitrogen, yes, I would go 75/25 growth. Normally prior to flip I go 50/50 but you’re still three weeks away.

It happens a lot with Ocean forrest as that is adding to your nutes for the first couple of months… If your feedings have not increased to make up for the depletion of the starting soil then nitrogen issues will become an issue. That’s why I say give 100% recommendation on this feeding then you can back back off to whatever you were doing.

I would wait till 5-7 days prior to flip to convert to a heavier bloom mix… 75/25 or at least 50/50 which is what I generally do to get them through stretch.

You could just do all growth mix… But since the OF is completely depleted by now I would do a percentage of bloom to get some pk in the soil for when the plant wants it.

That sounds high for organic runoff PH to me. I like mine to be around 5.7-5.8… But its not like its outtawhack. The PPM sounds fine for run off.

I used to do it like that when I first got back into this… It wasn’t so much the expense of buying all that stuff but the time investment it took me to care for my plants.

My nutrient shelf consists of the biggest bags of Gaia Greens 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 I can get, worm castings, kelp and molasses. I top dress once a month and then just water without runoff every couple days.

I start with PROMIX Organik MP and then add 20% worm castings and 10% harvest hero perlite (with silica and dichotomous earth). Then mix 3TBSP/Gal of media of the 4-4-4. Then water with aerated water and kelp every couple days. Add the molasses ever third or so watering. One of the waterings in between you may want to give some additional cal/mag.

It is so much more simple to grow organic with slow release ammendments. The downside is you have to be consistent with the subsequent top dressings as it takes a week or two for the amendments to breakdown… So you don’t want to get behind a week or two. But you can always feed some organic liquid nutes in an in between emergency.

Another way to keep the nitrogen up is cover the topsoil with clover seed in the seedling stage (and it helps retain moisture). I usually plow it by the second week of flower.

These plants made it two months in veg waiting on the flower tent. Including the intitial ammendments, I have top dressed twice now. This is end of week 1 of flip. I have pruned these plants probably three times now and prune one of the super lemon haze every few days.

Doing 2 SLH, 2 Ghost train Haze, Golden Goat and a green crack project replaced the pair to the golden goat.

The Steves dream queens (green crack) has been in veg since mid feb as a stunted plant… It started growing so much It would have been a huge problem in flower so I cut the 3 gallon bag off it and put her in a 7 gal bag. I never have problem with three or five gallon bags in 6 week flips. But over 60day flip the bud development won’t be good in a small bag in an organic grow. But anyways, most of these plants vegged too long for my liking in 5gal bags.

I am not doing any LST on this cycle. I am going to grow this group with only HST. I kept chopping the lower branches in veg and then finally lolly popped them all the way up to where I topped all the branches. Then held them in veg two more weeks so I could clean the lower nodes of the tops. Whatever the natural shape is after the tops is what these girls are getting.

We’ll see how it goes… Next cycle I think I will only do two plants in the 8x4 and veg them 90 days and put them in 20gal pots and scrog them. Just keep it interesting.

Yes I am feeding weekly, it’s just this one plant and I have another 4 going as well, like I said my set-up is weird as I have another one budding rn.

So this next feeding I should just give 100% of what it say on the chart and nice man, beautiful plants, that’s where in try to be

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I would go 100% on the next feeding and see how they respond. Nitrogen deficiencies will start greening up quickly. To me it looks more like nitrogen than cal/mag. But lack of magnesium can prevent nutrient uptake so make sure before you load her up with nitrogen that you’ve been giving cal/mag

And these are the other ones, what going on with the leafs?

The two in back look good to me. The one bottom right could be calcium def… or you dripped some stuff on the leaves. The one on bottom left looks maybe overwatered or underwatered (they can look the same) and check for bugs on that one.

Alright sweet,thanks man! It hasn’t been a full year for me growing yet and I’m down to learn as much as possible!!

and this is the one I have flipped and should be done in the next 4-5 weeks.

Nice!.. looks like about week 3 since flip? I used to grow as kid 30 years ago… Indoor growing with tents and led’s has changed the game. After 5 years you will still be learning like a beginner. These forums and vids make it much easier nowadays. Back in the day it was really just a wing and prayer if you were gonna even make it to harvest for some crappy dirt weed.

You wouldn’t mind if I added you on SC? Be easier to ask questions and show you what I have? Would love to learn what you know?