Help me please first plants

I started from seeds In October this is what the four auto flowers look like now. What’s next ?

I have trichome pics but would only
Let me share one my first time.

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Welcome Mama…
There is much to do here and I will not have all the answers but lets start somewhere

  1. Remove plant #4.
    Past its prime and some buds but I think rescuing is more costly than just cutting her down, trim off the leaves and get what you get…Dry and cure…
    October----I assume these are not AUTO flowering plants, or maybe they are. What are the strain/s and genus of your plants
  2. Defoliate the other plants…you have way too much underbrush and the plants need air. The leaves are not in good shape and looks like overwatering and nutrient issues. It is a JUNGLE in there and plants need to breathe
    Define your environment - type of soil, size of containers, type of light and how long on/off, how high from tops of plants, what are you feeding them (include plain water and let us know the ph of the water)
    Do you know how to Dry and Cure?
    Lets go from there…one step at a time so we all get a good understanding of where things are, what to expect and how to set and attain the desired goal/s

I have a white widow autoflower I have a candy cane autoflower 7 week strain that was plant four and I have a sour girl autoflower I took out plant four and it is hanging. They get light for like 12 hours. I had stopped giving nutrients because I thought they should be in flowering stage. I did just spray them with rocket fuel for plant growth and yield and shut off light to not burn leaves.

Pictures of what the plants look like after cleaning the jungle and what I use for nutrients

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Thank you. So the rest are all autoflower
Autoflower stress easily so we do not usually do much to them after they have shown their pistils
Stress can lead to:
Stunting, Hermies, nanners (if you do not know what these are, let us know)
Is the soil moist / wet? How often do you FEED?
How close is your light to the plants
What temp is your tent and what is the humidity?
Good you are only watering, for now. Lights should be at least 18 on…We only reduce to 12 hours of light when the genus is photo period, not auto flowers. Auto’s flower regardless of light. We want as much GROWTH potential as possible so lights on. not off.
Humidity at this stage should be around 40% ± 5 degrees

we will need to trim (defoliate) some of the leaves that are almost dead
Only 30% (each plant) AT A TIME…NOT THE ENTIRE PLANT/S
Let / wait for them to recover for a day or 2
they need to get some LIFE back in them or they will not really produce any quality bud

Cal/Mag…make a foliar spray from this at 1/4 strength of recommended dosage
Lightly mist at LIGHTS OFF or before LIGHTS ON

Lets go from there


Looking better now that you harvested #4 and spaced them out to get more air.

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