Help,,male & female

Need to transplant to ground…Needing help with identifying sex…Thanks

Photos are plant/ closeup sex site…4 plants…1 being top photo plant, 2 second photo, etc…Sorry about the confusion…
If I got this right,1,2,4 are females, #3 is a male…

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@Wildbill it’s too early to sex. They are at sexual maturity though because they already developed stipules so as soon as you clone a few and put them to flower you can sex them all in a couple of weeks.

Or, you can put the full plants in flower for a few days until you can officially sex them all then put them in the ground outside and they will reveg and monster crop.

They live outside now…Only have one light…
And no room under it for these…I’ll wait another week or two to sext…Hopefully the 1gal plants won’t root bound…Thanks

@Wildbill you can always use a light proof cover outside too. Depending on your light schedule there you can cover them in the evening and uncover them in the morning.

You can use old cardboard boxes or any makeshift frame covered in something light proof. I used to use an old portable air conditioner box held together with duct tape and electrical tape and it helped me to sex early outdoor after the spring light exceeded 12 hours daylight.

@MDBuds, Do you think that the 2 plants in the smaller planters will be OK in a couple of weeks?? Worrying about rootball…Ya, I know I’m pushing it…Their at 4 weeks…I’m pretty sure it will be obvious within next 2 weeks…Happy Grows…Thanks

@Wildbill they’ll survive without transplant but the longer you wait the more you risk nutrient deficiencies and stunting. They’ll bounce back easy though once transplanted even if you wait like mine did.

@MDBuds My Bruce Banner auto is showing pistils already, and I only transplanted her March 24th. I haven’t even had a chance to get her on bloom nutrients yet! Was going to start feeding them April 1st, but ended up in hospital for a week. Her and the 9lb Hammer (Nina) have had only about 1/4 dose of Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro, Bloom, and 1/2 strength Voodoo Juice. Was planning on adding B52 as well (which can also be used in flower).

Just filled my bucket with 4litres of water so I can mix up nuts tomorrow after the water dechlorinates. My plan was to feed her veg nutes for a couple of weeks and start training, then transplant her to a 3 gallon bucket and a week after start her on flower nutes (same stuff plus Big Bud and Bud Candy).
Since I’ve never grown an Auto before, when do you think I should add those last two? And transplant to the bigger pot (only been in this one for just over 2 weeks). My 2 photo plants I want to get bigger, so fortunately I can mix up a base for all 3 of them and then split into 2 buckets and add the last for the auto. And keep all 3 of them on 18/6 schedule. The photos will get transplanted when they get bigger, then I plan on flipping lights and food a week later (which might be a month from now).
How long do I have before that auto does whatever she wants to?
Thanks in advance!

2-3-4-6-7/are definitely females mabey even the first fifth node up will tell you the purple looking one prob a male