Help!?knat bites on leaves,killing me

HELP PLEASE.This is my situation knats are biting my leaves leaving spots all over them I am trying to treat the knats with neem oil spray at 1/3 recommended dosage.The neem seems to be working for the knats slowly,but my problem is the bite marks seem to be drawing in whatever I spray on the leaves.I sprayed Cal Mag last week and it seems like I am getting nutrient burn from the bite marks,moving toward main stem,turning yellow when I sprayed neem oil again for the second time this week now I guess that leaves are drawing that in and it is turning them yellow once again where they have bite marks. The yellow is moving towards the stem .should I not spray anything on them until knat issue resolved?does anyone here have experience with combating the knat problem, and learning about all this please help.I Wanna flush my medium,not sure.

HGC offers a gnat solution under the Nutrients / Plant Protectants tab of the main page where you buy seeds
I also offer a 100% organic non-GMO solution. I am not a fan of neem oil or any other oils that affect flavor of the plant or leave residue behind. Please post some pics and let me know if you want to know more about my product


@Mrb53004 gave great advice and I have a question or two. Do you have pictures? From what you are describing, it may just be the oil literally frying the tender healing part of the leaves. Is it encompassing the whole plant and are you doing the application at lights out?

Neem oil is a non-GMO it is totally organic is biodegradable it is deemed by the EPA as a safe for people and environment to use it comes from the neem tree it is cold pressed it is truly organic,a non genetically modified comes from the neem tree which grows in india has been used for centuries before we even had GMOs (1994)so do your research dude I’m not buying what you’re selling it probably has chemicals in it LOL.Neem oil pure,cold pressed from the seed of a fruit.You then dilute it with ph balanced filtetd water.It is good for killing fungas,mold,gnats,spider mites,flies,it even acts as mosqito repellent,it makes the leaves that are spray no longer edible to insects,kills all kind of harmful insects to the Garden while not killing beneficial insects like bees who can cross-pollinate.It does not harm earthworms,butterflies.I don’t know what you can have that is better.Neem oil even can be used to cure acme and diminish scars,on humans.

I did not do my application as lights out I know the mistake that can be made there but I did Dim half the lights before I applied for a little while and then after dried I finally got the lights back up I have multiple light sources

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That soft tissue from trying to heal will take a bit longer to dry out, I would expect. Any images?

Neem can be used in hair, too, though I wouldn’t want to smell that all day.

I know what neem oil is…II have been growing for over 50 years…You think my stuff has chemicals…? My stuff is not processed…SO you actually believe the stuff you buy is cold pressed by some people in a 3rd world location? Solvents and extracts not used …sorry you are so mistaken but it is your right to believe what you want to believe…
Also, it HAS BEEN BANNED in many states and countries as ongoing investigations are disproving your statements so do your homework before you downplay ANY ONE ELSE’S RECOMMENDATIONS. .
When I, or HGC make a solution, we know exactly what we are putting in it.
If you do not want it, or the advice, that is your option BUT do not post your negative connotations or nay saying of someone’s product when the problems you are facing are being posted…that is hypocritical…Contrary to your actions

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My apologies to you mike,I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful.I just believe in neem oil it has worked great in both of my gardens,and it did kill the gnats after several treatments.I respect your experience and knowledge,and I often read the good advice you give people.I hope you except my apologies for sounding like a d $#@ ,.My entire grow looked like it was gonna die,but has recovered,mostly.I have one plant still having issues leaves turning resist color,and parts of it are dying off,I suspect disease,or deficiency.

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Typo,…turning redish color,the leaves are.

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I suspect they will probably get better once @Mrb53004 is able to see an update? I appreciate you for stepping forward, I hate it when I have to apologize to him. :rofl::joy::v::purple_heart::dove:

Rite…I was just tripping out,upset

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totally understandable…I grew up on neem oil as there were very few alternatives for dealing with bugs. Neem oil is a registered pesticide…and rightly so. I used it for many many years and cured many infestations using it, sulfur bombs, pyrethrum bombs, DE, etc…Having a chemist partner and daughter who is a bio med engineer going for her PhD has helped me get this (my) product going. It is not a pesticide…it is totally plant based and what it does to insects is a by-product of the nano micelle action that was really created to effectively prevent and cure 26 different types of mold that canna plants can suffer from. In addition, it washes residue and scrubs Thc without any harmful effects so it can be sprayed on buds (no no for any oil based product) all the way to harvest. You can even spray it on drying buds to prevent mold (like the purples that mold easily, and others where the buds are tight and moisture makes bud rot)
Organic - I was a commodities broker in the 80’s dealing in edible oils and grains. The “PROCESSING” of oil has nothing to do with it being organic. If you could get neem and press your own oil, it would be much better than processed material. The chemicals used for processing do not count towards the organic nature of a product. When Neem oil was pumped though the oil lines in NOLA, the next 10 oils going through those lines were not allowed to be for consumption…dang, that was 40 years ago.
Processing uses solvents to separate the oils from the plant even though a COLD PRESS is performed. It just means the solvent is not heated to extract the oils…Consumers are never informed of these activities…Unless you got someone in the back yard stomping them in a barrel or press…they are processed unless explicitly stated ( and who the heck is making homemade oils, it is cost prohibitive)!

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