Help! I’m losing my seedlings

Lol hi folks… I need a rescue team. I have five Jamaican Kush seedlings that were starting off just fun. I left town for a few days and came back to this. I did have somebody water them once but that was it. They’re a couple weeks old in Fox farm soil in peat cups. They’ve been getting PH balanced water with a small dose of liquid kelp once a week. So two doses in their young life. Light has been all blue so far with temps at 80 and humidity at 58 approx. 18/6 light cycle.
Tell me what to change or what might have happened in the days I was gone. They did stretch a bit and my sidekick seems to have colored a couple and boosted one up with Perlite lol.

I would increase Rh…mid 50’s is low for such yougins…you could even try clear plastic cups to use like domes. Looks like they stressed (too much/little water)…ps…plenty Jam Kush seeds

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Yeah, I was conflicted. A couple looked overwatered and a couple looked under watered.
Thanks for the advice. I’ll dome them up and keep an eye on them.