HELP /ADVICE auto's feeding my girls right

hi everyone I have been struggling w/ my auto’s they looked really, really good until they started to flower & then they started to yellow (the leaves) & looking at pic’s of different deficiencies by looking at the leaves they looked mag deficient, plus other growers took a look & thought that was one of the biggest problems. I was given advice & ordered Gaia greens,
( advice from another fellow grower) I just received it
(2 weeks later) my poor girls are really looking yellow & the edges of some of the leaves are wrinkly looking (see pic’s) as well, advice I was given was to flush them & then add the Gaia greens 4-4-4 & 2-8-4.Gaia recommends a 50/50 ratio
of it, So for 5 gal pots they say 1.5 TB per gal of medium So for my 5 gal fabric pots it’s, 7.5 TB
each of 4-4-4 & 2-8-4, mix into the soil ( top dress) & water it in w/ worm castings & liquid kelp & molasses & cal-mag tea ( I don’t have an air pump yet so not aerated ) Is there any other advice or tips to add to what I’m already doing ?? BTW its been 7 weeks & 4 days since they ( the sprouted seeds) were planted in their pot’s.

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@pc420 ive never grew autos…, yet, they are a “short run” (Ruderalis) variety of cannabis., It seems like they should be finishing up soon by time frame given and your using a mix of organic dry with wet… back off the nitrogen almost entirely at this point, I would. You have to up your intake of P for sure, the kelp you’ve added should be sufficient for K, I’d watch using to much liquid cal-mag during flower since it’s already set…, almost better too add a small amount of Epsom salts…#LessIsMore :sunglasses:

I have 2 Bruce Banner autos the same age as your plants doing the same thing . I googled yellow leaves with purple stems during late flowering and decided by what I read that the plant was just doing what it was supposed to be doing. At this age the plant is trying to grow the biggest flowers it can for reproductive purposes and uses all its energy towards that allowing the leaves to die off . Most autos are an 8 to 10 week plant so its in that time frame when the leaves will start to turn yellow and die. I’d check the trics and see what how far along they are you may be closer to harvest time than you think .

The girls look good!!
Gaia Green is organic so it will take a week or more to break down and have any effects.
Growers Recharge is a great compost-bacteria-molasses-kelp tea with all of the good stuff already in it. My plants seem to love it. Its inexpensive too!

thnx everyone for all the advice , 3 of my girls are giving me nice big flowers & the rest are in diff. early stages of flower ( I couldn’t for some reason add the pic’s showing all the girls in the tent) I planted all of the seeds (after they sprouted a tap root of almost an inch) in their 5 gal. fabric pot’s on 5/17/22 but they all look like they are in diff. stages of growth .I looked up what the leaves looked like online & they had the exact characteristics of a mag deficiency .they are all planted in Coast of Maine “super soil” so i didn’t have alot of nutes to measure n add ,although COM say’s to add their "buds n bloom"around the 30 day mark but i had a number of people suggest Gaia greens (i want to stay organic if possible & their bud n bloom didn’t seem to have the nutes others said the girls needed according to what they looked like ) so i ordered the gaia greens 4-4-4 & 2-8-4 & rock dust (the dust came in the bundle) so I flushed about 4 - 5 cups of p.h. correct water thru the pots last night ,& I want to add the gaia greens today should i water it in w/ just plain p.h. correct water OR the tea i have " worm castings,liquid kelp, & molassess .(I’ll skip adding the cal mag since the Gaia has most everything they need) ALL ADVICE & HELP APPRICIATED PLEASE ( side note, I have 6 more seeds I just planted into their 5 gal.pots I’m using FOOP mist on them)


thnx i’m going to look at 3 of my girls tric’s their in the back of the tent so i’m gonna have to do some aerobic’s to see them lol ! I think i’m gonna add the gaia greens 4-4-4 & 2-8-4 & possibly the rock dust as well ( the dust has manganese 0.05 % & magnesium 0.9% & iron 3.8% ) I am not only a newbie when it comes to auto’s (2 grows) photo (4 grow’s w/ ALOT of help) & i am not at all good w/ figuring out %'s of nute’s & what not ,It starts to get very confusing which is 1 of the reason’s I went w/ a “super soil” along w/ better taste & knowing whats in my weed. :sunglasses: