Help a guy out , black dots

What are these black dots? They smear and some are on my rose plants. Will they be bad for a plant that’s in the 2nd week of flower? How do I get rid

Looks like little bettles they bugs

I found this:

Thrips Symptoms

When your plant gets attacked by thrips, you’ll start to see small black dots on the leaves and stems, these are their excrements and not thrip damage. … That’s why it’s essential to deal with thrips as soon as you see the first signs of thrip damage or thrips on marijuana plants.

I can’t say for sure that’s what it is, but it was the top result when I tried looking it up.


are you in flower or just veg? Is this a TENT or other? What are the temps and rh and how many plants are in the same area? Do you see this on all / some / one plant? Did you recently get bag soil from somewhere? New soil, compost / mulch?

it’s outdoor, temps outside right now are 70 degrees. Three plants in the backyard and one in flower week 2. It’s on all my plants but very little.

Ahhhh I’ll look more into it. Thanks boss, if it is thripe I’m glad it’s just a little. Got to try and stop them a little atleast. Thanks again

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Good luck man. Maybe look up good companion plants in your area. My girls are next to a bed of marigolds and the basil in the veggie garden. Way too early to tell how effective they are but live and learn.

If you’re seeing on the roses too maybe move em away from those a bit if you can.

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if you got one in flower, be on the lookout. If these are California thrips, they like flower, young flowers. If you are going to use any kind of insecticide, NO OIL based stuff…
Let me know if you would be interested in my organic non-gmo nano micelle pest control. can be sprayed on during flower…prevents and cures mold as a by product…also cleanses residue WITHOUT affecting or touching THC. Many from this site have used my solution…just give me a shout and I will fill in the details. USA ship only…


Thanks boss I’m keeping my eye out for the one in flower now, can’t let that go to waste. I’m going to use some lady bugs, nematodes and lacewings. I don’t like using sprays that much but I do have one by procrop1. Your brand sounds healthier. Thanks for the help brotha so much. I’m going to message you about that that pest control you have.


Procrop was one of the original thoughts behind my solution…,just knew we could make something BETTER…


Yeah its thrip :poop:. I’ll lick my thumb and wipe it off. Taking away my photosynthetic abilities mF*. Then I hunt them down and sneeze em until they pop. I recommend Silica as pest management. YouTube RAW NPK Silica