Hello. Help - which plants are these?

Hi. Completely new at this and like a dodo bird I completely forgot to identify before planting. And germinated one each of: Dee-Lite, AK-47 and White Widow. All were autoflowers, germinated/grown in containers, outside is SoCal weather.
One did not take. Can anyone help with identification of these two?
Also the hubby says Plant A should be good to go but I think it needs to grow more – looks too thin & sparse to me.
Your thoughts would be much appreciated and Thank you!!
Plant A|375x500

Plant A


this looks like the Dee Lite- with lineage from strawberry, it should have some of that taste when done…you might have to wait till then
white widow - indica heavy so leaves should be fatter, shorter plant, bushier
ak 47 sativa dominant so it should be skinny, tall, lanky…
google them to see pics, make sure you indicate auto as it changed things from the parental lineage


Check your triches if you think she is ready. Clear triches, not ready. Milky triches, prime thc. Amber triches, starting to lean more towards CBD. A average pull time is 5-10% amber for sativa and 10-15% for indica.

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