Hello from “ downstate NY”

Haha hey guys and gals! First time grower, longgg time smoker here, I live in the Hudson valley in NY so people tell me yeah your from upstate ( because yakno anything but NYC is upstate NY lmao) I live right on the jersey boarder. But anywho, yeah I decided to get my thumb green or at-least try… ordered 12 seeds, 2 packs and I think it came with 2 freebies, I’ve dabbled in growing in the past. Yakno, the whole “ ooooo I found a seed in my 8th, Leme try to grow it!” ( it’s happend multiple times) I germinated it fine, got a tail about half inch long, got a small cup with some potting soil, made a little hole and TRIED to place in tail down, but I think my clomsey fingers flipped it, and yeah. I had a backwards plant the root came right up. So that was a happy accident. Not so happy. But this time I’m doin it right. My girls father is VERY into gardening and plants and he also used to let me repeat “ used to “ hahaha smoke… and grow. So I’ve gotten a few tips. But so far I have my seed’s coming, didn’t order Tent yet, but have a 75$ one from Amazon , decent size in my cart. I figure idc if I need more room I’ll get another when the time comes. Also have a 1000 watt that purple pink spectrum led grow light I ordered already… and I have a air filtration system in my cart aswell. Any tips, tricks, I’d appreciate because I am a first timer grower!! … i ordered feminized KILLER strain, and auto XXL somethin strain lol now I hear all different sh*t…… leave the light on 24/7…… 12hrs on 12 off …tricking the plants to think it’s night when it’s not and whatnot. But I’m confused because I’ve been told so much diffrent info haha. Thanks guys! And cool to be at my first forum for this! For my first grow!

I’m a MASTER of smoking it, dabbing, vaping, every which way…. RSO oil, I know a lot about cannabis… except how it becomes the bud haha. im ironically in the middle of going back to school for cannabis sciences… it’s goina blow up in ny and nj! Just funny how I’ll spend 80-100$ on a gram of 97% thc wax… but took till now to realize hey. I can just make it haha. I’m already a maker/creator… might as well!

Thanks for the warm welcome fellas!


Welcome to the forum glad you found use happy growing

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Welcome @Robbybangbang !!! So happy you found us. There is a lot of useful info here and very knowledgeable peeps. Let us know if you have any questions and happy growing !

Welcome! Enjoy the ride!