Hello everyone!

hope it’s ok i do a “hello new guy” post here. Mom and I got some Mowi Wowi fems and a super skunk #1 growing. Just started a blue widow and green crack x ak 47. Love to learn and always down to help!



Welcome! you found the right place…nice bud… :+1:

Welcome @c4stevo !!! We’re glad to have you! Looks great!

Welcome! Very Nice! Good Place to get advice.

Thank you all for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

Definitely welcome!! So much to learn and so much to see. Your plant is really looking good!

Beautiful grow and welcome

Thanks again,got some fresh beans from cannabisco (here lol) and started one of each. Other pic is a headband haze clone from a dispensary that was not legit but turned out to be good smoke after a decent 14-15 weeks flowering.

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