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Hello all. I have come here today seeking help from the masters of the horticultural arts. I am a self-proclaimed, new grower who is trying my hand to get to a place where I am proficient in this particular science for a number of reasons, and at the top of that list, is to be able to harness my own medicine moving fwd into my twilight years. I have two successful harvests under my belt, each at one plant a piece. For my third try, I decided to go with 3 ladies in the tent for 12 weeks. 6 weeks in, I am noticing a white spotting on the fan leaves on each of the plants. So far, the trichromes appear to be unaffected, but cannot adequately say one way or another if this is true without the use of a microscope, which I do not have. Google, would have me believe I have a Powdery Mildew problem.
My question, is there an organic or another option that would help eliminate this problem without having to pull these girls and start again? The strain is a white widow x Skunk OG 1, which was touted as a great starter and resistance to mold and disease. I am on a 12/12 cycle using LEDS. I could really use some wisdom or tricks from the masters! Thank you in advance.

Pics would help to confirm the diagnosis. Spots could be PM or it could also be bugs.

If it is PM, I’ve heard that a foliar spray of diluted milk can knock it out. I don’t have experience with that though so I’ll leave it to others to provide recipes. It won’t help much if it’s bugs.

In both cases, usually environment is the root cause. What are your temps + RH, when the lights are on, and when they are off? PM usually occurs when the temp swings more than 10F day to night. Do you have air circulation in the tent? How thick is your canopy?

You really need to upload a picture…
but, until then, there is no reason to note take affirmative action. Mold / mildew can take you down COMPLETELY and spores just fester everywhere so sterilization becomes a key / major factor
If it is PWM, it will rub off somewhat between your fingers. Mold is a growth…the damage behind it is different than the actual mold. If it gets in the flowers and tunnels, there goes the entire plant and it spreads like wildfire since it is a spore…
OK, enough of that…remedies
so, old tiers milk solution…a 50/50 milk/water in a spray bottle…never under the lights…always at lights off, lights just on, sunrise / sunset (oh where is the fiddler when you need him) :grin:
spray, dry (like 20 min) spray, dry, spray…every 2 to 3 days
You should almost see immediate results
Caution…milk contains milk fat and getting milk fat on trikes is kinda nono as it affects the thc so be careful
HIGH RISK - sulfur spray…great for mold, mites, etc but can burn the flowers / leaves and high risk / I am not comfortable with using sulfur
lastly - there are non-GMO organics that use nano micelle to deal with fungus / mold / insects
HGCC has a version as do I
if you contact me privately, I will fill you in on my concentrate wit details
[email protected] Mike


I tried twice to take a pic and both times, the file was too large and given the option of trying to share from a cloud sharing setup, which I don’t have. I utilized this site’s camera option, and it worked seemingly. This is about the worst leaf I have on one of my ladies. But it is not present on half of the fan leaves. Was tinkering with the idea of snipping these leaves and continue progress?

Need to make pictures smaller crop it all that