I’m happy with just about everything except for the height. My tallest are only getting about 18’…. Super healthy, but not too tall. I would be happy with like 5-6’ taller. Suggestions??? All autos

Autos are a crap shoot for the average grower/setup . . . some have it dialed in and do ok to very well with them . . . but realistically you should grow photoperiod if you want consistently bigger plants and yields. Personally I prefer 250-500g average per plant harvests over the 30-150g per I saw when I tried autos . . . seems like a better return on my time and effort.

Don’t know if this helps but my experience with Autos (over three grows in two years) was that the plants grew to about 2/3rds the height and rendered about 2/3rds the bud that was about 2/3rd the potency of a regular or regular feminized bean of the same variety/same source. But, that was my experience and I am not saying that’s the way Autos turn out.