Heavy rain soggy plants

im sure some of you growers out west dont want to hear this, but here in the northeast we been getting a few thunderstorms/downpours every week with 90-100% rh every day. i was wondering if all the flushing from rain water will rinse the nutes from ffof sooner? i have not been adding any nutes yet. 5 gallon fabric pots, so far everything is still green & growing with a few rust spots on some leaves. i keep watching for deficiencies …


pics 1 & 2 in blue tote is bluberry, next is a revegged clone from an unknown strain, 3rd is a white og, 4th is a ak …

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The plant tells you if it needs nutrients. To feed for the sake of feeding is not the same as feeding when nutrition is needed. The more you learn to listen to your plants, the better GROWER you willl become…The PLANT WHISPERER…


With good drainage, all should be okay, but since your girls are all in pots, why don’t you just move them to shelter, maybe in a shed, the garage, or basement? My plants are all in the ground, and just have to take it. Here in Massachusetts, we are currently getting hammered by hurricane leftovers, expecting 6 inches of rain today.

Mike @Mrb53004 is correct, watch the plant to see if she wants more food. Cannabis is basically a hardy plant that can grow in a wide variety of conditions from the Afghan mountains to Moroccan desert to Congo rainforest.

Good thing flowering won’t start for another month or so…


i think i should be growing the congo rain forest strain, im working on a dry area to get them out of bad weather, i have an extra led i could stick them under, except the one in the tote, thats staying outdoors,’‘too heavy’’

Mike…be on the lookout for budrot…it is cropping in with all that rain and Rh…If you got my solution, make a stream and get the buds. Heavy rain will wash most of it off…it is water soluble. Get it deep into the buds

Luckily im still at least 6-8 weeks before any buds as they are photo’s, but i have been using your solution weekley since i got it. i just avoid using when the plants are full of daddy long legs.i just got home & its raining again , but everything is still pretty green. :pray:

it wont harm the daddy long legs…it is specific to the insects it controls…that allows desirable nematodes, beneficial insects to flourish

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I`m also in Massachusetts. The rain in July has been relentless.

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yeah, & if your plants are in the ground, hopefully its not low-lying ground., i removed the plastic trays from the top of the soil so it don’t over heat in the sun, even though the sun is hazy from all the wildfire smoke in the air, things are so crazy…

Definitely wet, my lil greenhouse is working out. Only thing it in 2nd floor balcony & I’m running up & down open/shutting.

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