Heat stress ? Or over water?

It got really hot for a couple days and I noticed this on just my pure michigan strain I made the mistake of letting my girls grow way to tall this time and she is a little closer to the light then what I wanted so I have the light dimmed down some already and she was doing fine but there was like 3 days that the room reached 90-95 and I then notice some leaf tips curling up and some yellow starting what can I do to help her out of anything I dimmed the light a little more just to be safe she’s just starting week 5 I’m under the impression that some yellowing is normal but I’m pretty sure this is yellowing to soon I also have some purple starting on her but I assumed that was why they named her pure michigan , I’ve also noticed she has started to drain slower then she use to I’m not sure why I’m working on getting a new ac unit I had to remove the window unit I had been using when I went from tent to room due to being able to see light thru the window unit where they used what looks like white styrofoam inside the unit I have a portable unit running right now but its not hardly cooling so I’m in the process of getting a new portable I just don’t have an extra $300.00 at the moment to drop on one so I have my lights off in the day time and on at night when its cooler 10pm on time 10am off time I work nights so it’s actually not too I was going to go 8 to 8 because I was told that’s the least expensive time for electricity I think it helped my electric bill some I’ll need a few more month’s like that to know for sure ,to get back on topic I’ve been bending her away from the light as much as possible I just afraid to stress her too much I read online somewhere that over watering will make them leaves curl up as well , I’m open to all advice ,oh and I learned my lesson on letting them go to long before flipping them it was kinda unavoidable this time because I really wasn’t prepared to go from tent to room but I had to I had to many plants for my tent and I couldn’t bring myself to kill them and I couldn’t find anyone that wanted them that was equipped take care for them

Sorry for the huge message

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It is normal to see the “fade” begin in week 5. In week 5 it should start as more of a dulling as the sugar leaves become drenched in trichomes and then the leaves will change colors the next 4-6 weeks. Personally I think most color changes in week 5 are initiated by stress or they are running into a wall… expelled all the nutrients while stacking and is now consuming the leaves. Most people are still feeding at this point but don’t feed enough to get them through weeks 4-6. You feed them really good before stretch and then the stretch is going to consume most the food bank in the soil. You have to feed them pretty heavy coinciding with end of stretch to power them through stacking phase which is usually end of week three for me. In my current run, I top dressed an extra half feeding one week later because they are stacking so fast. I will do one more week six and then just let them finish.

If you are feeding liquid synthetic nutes then it could be a whole host of other issues…PH, overfeeding, underfeeding, overwatering, etc. But with what you described, I would go with unstable environment is causing your problems. Heat/RH have to be dialed or no matter what you do it will be tough and the plants will stunt. You need to keep the room 65-75 lights off and 75-85 light on. Rh needs to stay closer to 40 at night and 45-50 during day to allow for transpiration when lights are on… Because you are running lights at night and lights off during hot period… you need to ensure your lights off temps are on average 10 degrees cooler and definitely not the same or hotter or your plant will be confused af. I would rather run hotter during the day with more circulation in that case.

Later in flower she’ll slow water consumption… Generally not during stacking weeks.

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Thank you for the info I kinda thought it was them hot days I also figured out what was going on with the AC so hopefully she’ll be ok , she is the only one that showed any sign of stress the other 7 are doing great