Heard heat stress is wonderful for terps so I raised the temp in my tents

Heard that heat stress in a controlled way is awesome for terp production…anyone else agree? Either way I have increased the temp in my tents to an avg of 88 - 90 degrees. Gonna see what happens

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Well… when it’s hot they’re transpiring more which makes them smell more. So, I could see.why some would conflate the two. Hi temps will give you varying results by strain. Some like it some might throw down with some nanners.

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I recently watched a podcast of Mr. Grow it and he had a guest discussing this. It was very informative as is most of his information. I tend to follow alot of what I learn on his casts.

Yep… Mr. Grow it is legit. haven’t seen him in a year or so but I like his vids.

He is mostly podcast now but all over you tube good info very recent…

Yeah I just saw him the other day when he had Jeremy from bas on… I pretty much only watch build a soil now as his channel is dope. Build-a-soil is seriously good stuff if you grow organically.

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I have watched him as well…I watch most of the majors or whatever while I am spending hours trimming