Having trouble decoding a troubled leaf

Hey everyone,

I want to thank this community for being so active and you all have been a huge help already in my first few weeks of my first grow.

I checked on my plant this morning and noticed that one of her baby leaves is trying to tell me something. I did some google searching but I’m having trouble decoding it.

There’s some yellowing at each tip on the leaf, some blue/purpling of the center of the leaf, and it is starting to curl towards the light. Is this potassium defiency? Light burn? Nitrogen burn?

Genetics are NYC Diesel Auto from HGCC.

I am using a Mars hydro TS1000 in a 2.3x2.3 tent. Intensity is 60% and I had it around 15 inches from the plant but moved it up to 18 this morning after seeing this just in case.

Humidity hovers between 60-65% Temp 74-78F

Medium is unammended Pro-mix BX with no addded perlite or other nutrients. Just straight out of the bag. 5 gallon pot.

Last watered 3 days ago.

Thank you in advance to everyone that replies :pray:

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Honestly early leaves have a tendency of looking weird n discolored…I wouldn’t be to concerned at this point…give them a little while, the next set of leaves will more then likely be fine.


Nitrogen is easily washed / flushed when watering. If we water excessively (not often but a heavy watering), the leaves will turn yellow, especially the lower leaves.
Tips - many tips burn…Seedling should be fed WATER only in first 2/3 weeks of life and that is in a STERILE environment…Like Skyler say, don’t sweat the small stuff at this point…you are overthinking…
ProMix (BX, not HP) is basically peat and vermiculite, perlite and inoculate (Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae). A good neutral substrate…
18" is good height…temps and rh look good, make sure your water is proper ph (5.8-6.5)
do not over water…we can not really overwater, we water too often…If we water heavily,we flush the Nitrogen out of the substrate, that is where the yellowing of the leaves (from bottom upward) comes from. It is normal to loose first and second node of leaves…
You will have to decide what to feed them…