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Can somebody tell me what stage im at with this BlueWidow its a Photo also and in its flowering stage.!


Definitely in the mid flowering stage.
Do you know how many weeks into flowering you are?
Lotsa white pistils yet to turn color. They’re beginning to.
Possibly 4+ weeks to go by the looks of it.

Looks really nice. Keep up the good work!

Use this chart to determine your harvest timing. You’ll need a jewelers loupe or hand held scope to look into the bud for trichome readiness.


I agree with @Khatru.
My gut was saying “you are about halfway there.”

Looking good :eyes:

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I grew BW this past season outdoors.
It took longer to mature than my Afghan and Super Critical.
These 3 seemed compatible with our summer heat and I planted seedlings at Solstice.
I went on vacation late October and left one of the BW’s in the ground.
The last few weeks really paid off…Tight buds in Temecula heat.
Let it go and you will be rewarded


Thanks grow family…yu guys are the best!:muscle::beers:…well i been growing these for since August in a large tent that can fit up too 16 plants…but i inly have 4 Blue Widows N Sour Diesel Auto…which is beautiful btw​:flushed::grin:. Thanks guys n ill keep yall updateed!:metal:

Looks like u have a few weeks.left of flower 4-5weeks into it.I’m thinking but she’s filling in well.